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Lanau Bus is a motorcoach operator based in Repentigny, Quebec and is part of Groupe Gaudreault. Prior to an acquisition of certain assets from Groupe Gaudreault by Groupe Orleans, Lanau Bus also offered maintenance service and transit bus operation. These services were transfered to Groupe Orleans in April 2009. Lanau Bus used to operate transit in the MRC of Les Moulins, MRC of L'Assomption, and City of Joliette.

All-time roster

Not Ccmplete

Fleet number(s) Thumbnail Year Manufacturer Model Engine Transmission Notes
2003 MCI 102-A3
27120 2001 Prevost LeMirage XL-II
29011-29020 2000 Nova Bus RT802W Used on MRC L'Assomption contract
29021-29023 2000 Nova Bus 62VW Used on MRC L'Assomption contract
29040-29041 2000 Prevost LeMirage XL-II 29041 to Leduc Bus Lines 3930.
29043 1997 Prevost H3-45
29047 2004 Prevost X3-45
29048 2006 Prevost H3-45
29101-29128 2002 OBI Orion 05.501
29129-29140 2004 OBI Orion 05.501
29323-29326 2007 Ford/Girardin G5 Used on CTJM contract
29402 2008 Thomas Saf-T-Liner C2