Minnesota Valley Transit Authority 4601-4605

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Minnesota Valley Transit Authority 4601-4605 is wheelchair accessible.

Minnesota Valley Transit Authority 4601-4605 are 2007 model MCI D4500CT buses built in 2006. These buses were originally delivered to Shakopee Transit and Laker Lines, and were acquired by MVTA in January 2015.

Engine Transmission Seating Destination sign
Detroit Diesel Series 60 57


  • Metropolitan Council system units do not use license plates. Units which have a license plate holder will typically display the unit number in that area.
Thumbnail Build
VIN License Plate(s) Status/Disposal Notes
4601 2006 1M8PDMPA47P057880 None Active Ex-Shakopee Transit/BlueXpress 4017.
4602 2006 1M8PDMPA67P057881 None Active
  • Ex-Shakopee Transit/BlueXpress 4018
  • It was the first MVTA revenue bus to serve the rebuilt I-35W and Lake Street Station on November 22, 2021
4603 2006 1M8PDMPA87P057882 None Active Ex-Shakopee Transit/BlueXpress 4019.
4604 2006 1M8PDMPA87P057879 None Active Ex-Shakopee Transit/BlueXpress 4020.
4605 2006 1M8PDMPAX7P057883 None Active Ex-Laker Lines/BlueXpress 4515.