Orion Bus Industries 'Orion VII'

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Orion VII
Orion VII Diesel
VII (Diesel)
Years of manufacture 2001 to 2007
Length 32.5 to 40 feet
Width 102 inches
Power/Fuel Diesel, Diesel Electric
Hybrid, CNG
VII (Diesel)

The Orion Bus Industries Orion VII is a low floor transit bus that was available in Canada and the United States. The first production buses were built for Mississauga Transit in 2001.

Coincident with the introduction of EPA 2007 compliant engines, a restyled Orion VII was introduced in 2007. It features updated front and rear fascias and flush-mounted windows. The new model, called the Orion VII Next Generation, replaced the traditional Orion VII.


Unlike its predecessor the Orion VI, the Orion VII is not fully low floor and has a step up at the rear section of the bus. This compensates for the space lost to the rear wheels on the Orion VI. The bus's structure was built from either carbon steel or stainless steel and clad with fibreglass and aluminum panels.

The Orion VII was available in a conventional diesel, desiel-electric hybrid, or compressed natural gas (CNG) drivetrain. The engine is mounted longitudinally at the rear in a T-drive arrangement for conventional diesel and CNG-powered models. On hybrid models, the engine is placed transversely at the rear right side of the bus and is connected to the electric generator to the left. Diesel-powered models use a 125 gallon (473 litre) fuel tank placed under the high floor section. CNG-powered models have the fuel tanks housed in an enclosure on the roof. Hybrid models have their batteries in an enclosure on the roof.

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Model number Length
(feet, inches)
07.501 40' 10.5" 12,459
07.502 35' 11" 10,947
07.503 32' 5" 9,881



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Demonstrator and engineering units

Below is a list of known demonstrator and engineering buses

Fleet number Thumbnail Year VIN Engine Transmission Notes
1043 Orion Bus Industries 1043-a.jpg Jan. 2001 1VH7H3P2516700003 Cummins ISB BAE Systems HybriDrive
hybrid system
  • HEV
  • Demo'd with TTC as 1043.
  • Demo'd with OC Transpo as 1043 in 2005.
  • To Conestoga College in Guelph.
  • Scrapped in 2014.
2001 1VH7H3C2116700005 Detroit Diesel Series 50G
  • CNG
  • Flip dot rear sign.
2001 1VHGH3C1816700011 Detroit Diesel Series 50G Allison B400R
  • CNG
2001 Detroit Diesel Series 50G Allison B400R
0304-P 2002 2B1FH3M2925700058 Detroit Diesel Series 50 EGR Allison B400R
2002 2B1FH3M2425700064 Detroit Diesel Series 50 EGR Allison B400R
2002 26700631 Cummins ISM Voith D864.3E?
2004 1VHFH3A2046700936 Detroit Diesel Series 50 EGR ZF 5HP592C
1255A 2005 1VHGH6C2556701648 Detroit Diesel Series 50G Allison B400R
7000 2005 1VHHH3P2156701840 Cummins ISB BAE Systems HybriDrive
hybrid system
2005 1VHFH3H2756702030 Cummins ISM

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