Ride-On 44145D-44153D

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Ride-On 44145D-44153D is wheelchair accessible.

Ride-On 44145D-44153D are 2020 Gillig Low Floor 40' (G27D102N4) buses. The buses initially entered service from Silver Spring garage in August 2020 before moving over to Gathersburg garage shortly after. They then were moved back to Silver Spring garage in November 2021.

Engine Transmission Seating Destination sign
Cummins L9


Thumbnail Build
VIN License Plate(s) Garage Status/Disposal Notes
44145D 2019 15GGD2711L3195079 16514LG Silver Spring Active
44146D 2019 15GGD2718L3195080 16515LG Silver Spring Active
44147D 2019 15GGD271XL3195081 16516LG Silver Spring Active
44148D 2019 15GGD2711L3195082 16517LG Silver Spring Active
44149D 2019 15GGD2713L3195083 16518LG Silver Spring Active
44150D 2019 15GGD2715L3195084 16519LG Silver Spring Active
44151D 2019 15GGD2717L3195085 16520LG Silver Spring Active
44152D 2019 15GGD2719L3195086 16521LG Silver Spring Active
44153D 2019 15GGD2710L3195087 16522LG Silver Spring Active