TransBus International ALX200

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TransBus ALX200
Years of manufacture 1996 to 2001
Length 8.8 to 10.7 m
Width 2500 mm

The TransBus International ALX200 is low floor midibus body that could be fitted onto the Dennis Dart SLF and Volvo Buses B6BLE chassis. The body was introduced by Walter Alexander Coachbuilders in 1996, eventually replacing the step-entrance AM-Type. With the formation of TranBus International in 2001, and the addition of the Plaxton Pointer 2 to their product range, the ALX200 was soon discontinued. Some of the last bodies were produced for operators in London.

In 1999, Dennis entered into a joint venture with Thomas Built Buses to sell the Dart SLF in North America. Known as the Thomas Dennis SLF, the bus used the ALX200 body adapted to the North American market. Both Dennis and Alexander were owned by the Mayflower Corporation at the time.