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Mississauga Transit active roster

Fleet numbers for active units are allowed. Please stop reverting people's changes. This is the second time you've done this today. Also, I had to fix your error when you listed all of the 01 artics retired.


Photo quality

Hi there, just to inform you we have photo quality standards for wiki when it comes to fleet pages, and everyone is to adhere to them, including yourself. The photos that you have contributed so far currently do not meet these standards. Please revisit the photos and upload ones of better quality, or expect other wiki editors to override your photos if they have better quality ones.

PS: Thank you for spending your time to update the MiWay wiki section as it has been out of date. vb5215 22:55, 7 June 2014 (UTC)

I'm sorry to have to remind you a second time now, but a number of photos you've uploaded recently don't meet the photo quality standards. It is not necessary to have a photo of every unit on the Wiki, so don't feel like you're compelled to fill it. --ArticulatedTalkContrib 00:05, 14 November 2014 (UTC)
Which photos do not meet the standards. The bad quality ones were from long ago. I Know it is not necessary to have every photo but you have to tell me which ones are terrible quality. I know which are bad quality by now. If the photo was bad then I would not have even uploaded it in the first place. -Noahrp24 00:18, 14 November 2014 (UTC)

Mississauga Transit route info boxes

Maps: I considered placing the maps inside the infobox or under it but decided against it as it didn't work well with the formatting. Keeping them all in one place at the bottom makes it less labour-intensive to edit the page afterwards.

MiExpress infoboxes: I agree this is probably a good idea, however the infoboxes are based on a standard template and not created individually for each page, a new infobox version would have to be created for express route pages if there was to be a change of colours.

Types of buses: I agree this is useful information, however my decision to just list the bus size was based on a) every 40' bus has a equal chance of appearing on Central routes, we would be listing every 40' bus type on every page. b) 30' only has one bus model and is obvious c) MiLocal and MiExpress buses are seperate. However if you feel they should be listed then feel free to do so.

Silly Tilley 01:25, 6 October 2014 (UTC) main goal right now is to get the route pages up and running and with some sort of standard as the ones that were already created didn't really have a standard or were based on standards many years ago. I'd be happy to discuss potential improvements and fixes once I've got all the pages up and running. It just makes it easier for me and also helps with standardization. I appreciate that you took the time to start some of the pages and also upload maps, it helps a lot! Silly Tilley 01:57, 6 October 2014 (UTC)

-Map: I tried to placing the map inside to keep the old look but yea the formatting didn't work well. In that case we'll keep your plan. Templates: I suggest we rename the current infobox template to Mississauga Transit MiLocal Template and create a new one the says MiExpress. I'm not sure how to start a new template has I haven't gotten around to do that yet.

Buses: I am just listing them because other agency pages do so (eg. TTC) Just trying to keep the wiki standardized as I have gotten many complaints in the past for not following them. Even though it isn't a standard but I follow it anyways.

Routes: I agree we'll just start them first.

noahrp24 22:00, 05 October 2014 (EST)

Calgary Transit

Thank you for you message.

I removed it for several reasons.

1. You yourself set up identical pages on the MCI pages, those had the garage dropped from the retired units. Personally I don't see why you felt the need to add the 'status / disposal' column as the relevant information was already there. All you did was merge information from two columns into one while leaving the original columns in situ, which seemed to me as redundant. Consequent of your actions the 'notes' column is now very squished and in my opinion the whole pages look like an utter mess.

2. I have seen buses transferred to Spring Gardens from Anderson, that although transferred on paper never enter service, are stripped of parts, and then disposed off. I have also seen buses that are still assigned to Anderson sent to Spring Gardens for stripping prior to disposal. Therefore to say that a particular bus was assigned to Spring Gardens just because it was seen by someone there may be technically incorrect.

D40LF 17:35, 4 December 2014 (UTC)

Universal Coach Lines edits

On July 10th 2016 you made and edit to the Universal stage lines wiki stating that 990 was retired and sold to Kunkel Bus line 507. I would like to know where you got this information as I have photo evidence from today showing it at the yard parted out. Thomasw (talk) 01:39, 27 August 2019 (UTC)