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Hey Stalwart 2013, before you go any further putting the Vin and year on the buses, I just want you to know that most of the units were/are built in 2014, not 2013 as you are putting. I know for a fact that all the 58xx units are all 2014 buses as they were built this year, it's only like the first 10 or something (5600-56__) that were built in 2013. So please stop putting 2013 on all the buses, Thank You.

Jonathan11, actually the first four buses (5600-5603) were built in 2013. Anyway, it's been all corrected. --Stalwart23 19:09, 19 September 2014 (MST).

VIN of BCT 1718X

Could you check the VIN of 1718X? It looks weird in the order compared with 1721X, 1724X and 1725X. Also all the 1700X MCIs are on the road. You can put the whole list now.

OC Bus 2007 New Flyer C40LFRs

OCTA's 2007 New Flyer C40LFRs (5502-5599, 5601-5674, 7501-7528) are among one of many buses that I commonly ride on every week, despite the fact a page for these buses have not been created yet, therefore I suggest that you make a page that contains the VINs, license plates, and specifications for these vehicles using this link:

I have a lot of photos of OCTA's 5500s, 5600s, and 7500s; if you find any pictures of these units, copy the license plate numbers onto the website and then you will get a VIN for the license plate number you selected.

Here are some samples you will be provided to create the new page:

OCTA 5524: CA Exempt plate number 1296059

OCTA 5514: CA Exempt plate number 1296052

OCTA 5674: CA Exempt plate number 1199129

OCTA 5512: CA Exempt plate number 1199198

OCTA 7528: CA Exempt plate number 1199232

OCTA 7501: CA Exempt plate number 1199133

OCTA 5581: CA Exempt plate number 1308274

OCTA 5530: CA Exempt plate number 1198944

OCTA 5506: CA Exempt plate number 1199224