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Feature photo (May 20 to May 26)
Akron Metro Transit 6004-a.jpg
This New Flyer XN60 destined for Akron, Ohio paid a visit this month to the Hamilton Street Railway (HSR). The short visit allowed maintenance staff to inspect the bus. The HSR is the largest operator in Ontario to still operate CNG-powered buses. Photo courtesy of Kevin Nicol.

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Welcome to the CPTDB Wiki!

The CPTDB Wiki is a collaborative effort by members of the Canadian Public Transit Discussion Board ( to document any information on public transportation. Rosters for transit agencies and charter coach operators are a large part of this collection.

Specific focuses include transit buses, highway coaches, and general information on the types of vehicles used. An extensive listing of vehicle manufacturers and models, the companies that operate these vehicles, as well as components used on board can be found here.

Simply use the search field to find something specific, or choose a link on the left-hand navigation menu to access the wealth of information contained on the CPTDB Wiki.

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