Motor Coach Industries TC60-102N

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MCI TC60-102N
Metro Transit 708-a.jpg
Years of manufacture 1992 to 1993
Length 60 feet
Width 102 inches
Power/Fuel Diesel

The MCI TC60-102N is an articulated bus based of the Classic. It was introduced by MCI in 1992, and only 16 of these articulated buses were ever sold (14 were sold to Metro Transit in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and 2 went to the Réseau de transport de la Capitale in Québec City, Québec. Halifax buses 701-710 bear the MCI logo, while 711-714 bear the NovaBus logo. This is because NovaBus took over production of the Classic from MCI in the middle of Halifax's second order of artics.

Québec City's two artics as well as all Halifax artics are now retired.




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