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LINE BREAKS VS. COMMAS in fleet numbers

reverted your edit as several of us regular editors of the BC Transit sections have been moving pages toward using line breaks rather than commas to denote gaps in a number sequence as it makes a tidier more readable table. This has been widely done in the retired fleet sections and trying to do this in the active sections as well.

Naming Conventions

FYI - photos should follow Photo Naming conventions (ie West Vancouver Municipal Transit S1318-a.jpg instead of West Vancouver Blue Bus S1318.jpg) --Kevin L 00:52, 22 September 2014 (UTC)

BC Transit 2008 Polars

Hi there, thought I would explain why I reverted your two edits. There are three 2008 Polar units still listed in service on a BC Transit fleet roster dated January 2017, which is what I used to update that page earlier today. Until all units are retired from a series, the series should be left in the "Active" section. The standard is usually to leave the full series and not break it into "A, B-C, D-E" sections (and it looks significantly cleaner that way). --ArticulatedTalkContrib 04:24, 5 March 2017 (UTC)

CMBC bus batches

Hi, this involves three of your edits edits:,, You don't break up bus batch columns and list the buses that are active in the batch, and put the retired buses that are from the same batch in the retired section. This can get really messy, especially with buses that were ordered in big batches that are in the process of retirement. The only time you move a bus column from the "Active" section to the "Retired" section are when the entire bus batch are retired. --Dr. BusFreak (talk) 05:53, 26 October 2017 (UTC)

Second BC Transit Vicinity Order

Not only is this order (4062-4070) separate, the front ends are different. The washer fluid fill point has been moved somewhere else. They simply don't belong on the same page.

Accuracy of edits


Please pay better attention to your edits on the Wiki. The recent page you created for BC Transit 2757-2783 had an incorrect title (2773 instead of 2783), which required me to move that page to the correct title and clean up all of the links you pointed to the incorrect title. And you were clearly aware of the incorrect title as the text portion of the links had the correct number range, yet you did not do anything to ask for the title to be moved correctly, either through leaving a message in the Modifying a Page Title forum or messaging one of the administrators/Wiki moderators to have the page moved.

Accuracy, spelling and grammar are recurring issues in many of your edits. Please take this opportunity to slow down, read and review your edits (using the "Preview" button) before saving them. Continued poor edit quality may end up resulting in your editing privileges being revoked. Thank you for your co-operation. --ArticulatedTalkContrib 12:54, 12 September 2021 (UTC)