Voith DIWA.5

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The Voith DIWA.5 is an automatic transmission for buses. It is shorter than its predecessor the DIWA.3E and does not have exterior pipes for the oil circuit. It boasts easier maintenance and easy installation. The DIWA.5 comes standard with four gears with the fourth gear as an overdrive to achieve better fuel economy. The DIWA.5 was originally offered in two types: the D854.5 and the D864.5. In September 2008, Voith introduced the D884.5, which is capable of handling higher torque. The main differences between the models are listed below.


Type Max. input power Max. input torque Max. input speed Max. breaking torque Mass w/ retarder
D854.5 220 kW/295 hp 1100 Nm/1475 ft-lb 2500 rpm 2000 Nm/1475 ft-lb approx. 330 kg/661 lb
D864.5 290 kW/389 hp 1600 Nm/118 ft-lb 2500 rpm 2000 Nm/1475 ft-lb approx. 305 kg/672 lb
D884.5 320 kW/429 hp 1900 Nm/1401 ft-lb 2200 rpm 2000 Nm/1475 ft-lb approx. 310 kg/682 lb