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he Siemens S700 is a modular, low floor light rail vehicle. As an updated Siemens S70, the new and improved was given a new name. Like the S70, the S700 is composed of one short low floor section between two longer, partial low floor sections. They typically feature four doors on each side and a powered bogie on each end.

The San Diego Metropolitan Transit System placed an order for 45 S700 LRVs in 2016. The first vehicle was delivered in August 2018. The S700 features a redesigned middle section to improve passenger flow and provide door-to-door accessibility for riders in mobility devices.[1]

Sound Transit issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) in November 2015, for 122 LRVs. Three proposals were received and reviewed. A Request for Best and Final Offers (BAFOs) was issued in June 2016 to both Siemens and Kinkisharyo. Siemens's proposal was deemed to be the best value, and an order was placed for 122 LRVs from in September 2016. An additional 30 LRVs were ordered in April 2017. The S700 has a wider center-car aisle, more seats with space to stow luggage, and four bicycle hooks.[2] The cars have a new front end design with LED headlight arranged in dynamic lines.



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