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This article is about the bus manufacturer based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. For the Amtrak station in Michigan City, Indiana, see Michigan City Amtrak station. For the airport with IATA identifier MCI, see Kansas City International Airport.

Motor Coach Industries International Inc. (MCI) is a brand name for buses manufactured by New Flyer Industries, based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. MCI specializes in manufacturing commuter and charter motorcoaches. The company has a strong presence in Canada and the United States with a few exports to other countries. MCI was merged into New Flyer Industries in 2020.


MCI's founder Harry Zoltok immigrated to Canada from Russia in 1928 and settled in Winnipeg, Manitoba. In 1932, he partnered with Fred Sicinski and established a vehicle servicing company called the Fort Garry Motor Body and Paint Works, Ltd. A year later, they developed an 11 passenger body built on a Packard chassis.[1][2]

Focus began to shift toward building their own intercity bus chassis and bus bodies. The company was renamed Motor Coach Industries (MCI) in 1941.[2]

In 1948 Greyhound Lines of Canada at that time MCI's major customer, became a majority shareholder, purchasing 65 percent of the company. MCI was able to grow at a more rapid rate. In 1958 Greyhound Lines purchased 100 percent of the company. A manufacturing facility was established five years later in Pembina, North Dakota. Facing capacity constraints in the early 1970s, a subsidiary called Transportation Manufacturing Corporation was established in 1974 to manufacture coaches for Greyhound.[1]

MCI purchased the transit division of General Motors (GM) in 1987. GM had decided to exit the bus manufacturing business. The manufacturing rights of the Rapid Transit Series (RTS) were transferred to TMC, and the RTS was produced in New Mexico. MCI produced the Classic in Canada.[1]

In 1993, MCI became an independent corporation called Motor Coach Industries International Inc. It merged with DINA S.A. of Mexico the following year. MCI soon offered the Viaggio 1000 DOT for sale in the United States and Canada. It was manufactured in Mexico and used a DINA chassis with Marcopolo body. In the late 1999s MCI and DINA developed a new integral coach that would be manufactured in Mexico. This was the 35-foot MCI F3500. A longer intercity coach known as the G4100 and G4500 was also developed.[1]

In 2000 DINA S.A. sold its holding in MCI to a private investment company. MCI retained the manufacturing facility in Mexico. However in 2003, it was closed. MCI invested further in their Winnipeg and Pembina facilities, increasing production by 2006.[1]

In 2012, Daimler announced they were restructuring their operations in North America. Production of Orion transit buses were discontinued, and a distribution rights agreement for Setra coaches was signed with MCI. In addition, Daimler took a 10 percent minority ownership stake in MCI.

In November 2015, New Flyer Industries announced its purchase of MCI for $445m USD. [3]

While New Flyer acquired 100 percent of the company, the distribution rights agreement with Daimler remained in effect. However in January 2018, New Flyer announced that the agreement would be terminated effective June 29, 2018. MCI had only sold 282 new Setra coaches, but had upgraded and expanded their own offering. Daimler believed that MCI's product offering began to overshadow the Setra offering. Distribution rights of Setra coaches was transferred to the REV Group. Parts sales, service and warranty support for Setra coaches in service remain with MCI until mid-2018.[4]

In summer 2020, the merger of MCI and New Flyer into one company was announced. Though the company's corporate name will be New Flyer, the MCI brand will continue to appear on the commuter and luxury coaches.

In the summer of 2022, MCI announced the closing of its Pembina, North Dakota assembly plant after almost sixty years, which also will end the production of the legacy D series. "Buy America" compliant production will be moving to the New Flyer assembly plant in Crookston, Minnesota, using the company's new-generation D-series coaches. This decision was later reversed with the plant remaining open until at least 2025.


Service Centers

  • Bay Area/Northern CA (4120 Point Eden Way, Hayward, CA)
  • Blackwood, NJ (14 Harmon Dr.)
  • Collision and Refurbishment Center (480a Hartney St., Arnprior, ON)
  • Dallas, TX (9787 Clifford Dr.)
  • Des Plaines, IL (200 East Oakton St.)
  • Lebanon, TN (215 Maddox Simpson Parkway)
  • Los Angeles Area/Southern CA (2880 East Jurupa St., Ontario, CA)
  • Montreal, QC (3500 Rue St. Patrick)

Model designations

After the original numbered Courier and MC models, MCI adopted letters for the different series of coaches. Two different schemes have been used:


Width Series Option Axles Body
96 = 96 inches (2.4 m)
102 = 102 inches (2.6 m)
L = 45 ft 7 in (13.89 m) length
  • D and E series only

W = wheelchair lift-equipped

  • A and D series only
none = aluminum

SS = stainless steel

  • B, C and D series only
Example: 102-DL3SS


Series Length Version Options (D series only)
35 = 35 ft 5.5 in (10.81 m)
40 = 40 ft 6 in (12.34 m)
41 = 41 ft 7 in (12.67 m)
45 = 45 ft 7 in (13.89 m)
00 = 1st
05 = 2nd
CL = "classic" styling
CT = "contemporary" styling (diesel/CNG)
CTH = "contemporary" styling (hybrid-electric)
ISTV = inmate security transportation vehicle
N = 96 inches (2.4 m) narrow body
Example: D4500CT

Current Product Line

All highway coaches.

Model Introduced Withdrawn Notes
D4020 2020 in production
D4020 ISTV 2020 in production
D45 CRT 2021 in production
D45 CRT CHARGE 2022 in production battery-electric
D45 CRT LE 2017 in production
D45 CRT LE CHARGE 2019 in production battery-electric
D4520 2020 in production
J3500 2018 in production
J4500 2001 in production
J4500 CHARGE 2018 in production battery-electric

Past Product Line

Model Introduced Withdrawn Notes
40-TRY 1942 trolleybus
Courier 50 1950 1955
Courier 85 Series 1950 1952
Courier 90 1953 1960
Courier 95 Series 1953 1960
Courier 96 1955 1960
Courier 97 1956
Courier 100 Series 1946 1949
Courier 200 Series 1947 1949
MC-1 1959 1961
MC-2 1960 1961
MC-3 1961 1963
MC-4 1963
MC-5 Series 1964 1980
MCC-5 Series 1964 1965
MC-6 1969 1970
MC-7 1968 1973
MC-8 1973 1978
MC-9 1979 1990
MC-12 1991 1999
96-A2 1985 1992
96-A3 1985 1992
102-A2 1985 1992
102-A3 1985 1991
96-B3 ?
102-B3 1991 1994
102-C3 1987 1993
102-D3 1994 2000
102-DL3 1992 2000
D4000 2001 2005
D4000CL 2006 2022
D4000CT 2006 2022
D4000H 2002 2003 diesel-electric hybrid
D4000N 2002 2003
D4005 2005 2022
D4500 2001 2005
D4500CL 2005 2007
D4500CT 2005 2022
D4500CTH 2008 2022
D4505 2005 2022
102-EL3 1997 2001
E4500 2001 2012
F3500 2001 2004
102-G3 2000 2001
G4100 2001 2004
G4500 2001 2004
150 1939 ? transit
TC40-102A / TC40-102N 1987 1993 Classic
TC60-102N 1992 1993 Classic Articulated
Worldbus 1990 experimental transit


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C-Series 102-C3
D-Series 102-D3102-DL3D4000D4000CLD4000CTD4000HD4000ISTVD4000ND4005D4500D4500CLD4500CTD4500CTHD4505D45 CRT LE
E-Series 102-EL3E4500E4500LX
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